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Repair Request

To speak with a representative via phone for Customer Service and Repairs concerns, please contact us directly:

Business hours 8:30am - 5:00pm

Customer Service (732) 275-2634 or (732) 781-1033

24 hr AOG Help Desk  1-888-878-7264

Return Authorization Form
  1. • Our current turn-around-time (TAT) is 30-45 days. • For the first two (2) weeks from date of receipt, units are going through our receiving and evaluation process. • For out-of-warranty repairs, please respond to quotes by fax or e-mail as quickly as possible to expedite the repair process
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  3. Contact Name
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  4. Customer Phone Number
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  5. Customer Email Address
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  6. Customer Fax Number
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  1. Model Number
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  2. Serial Number
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  3. Warranty Status

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  4. Reason for Return
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  5. Requested Due Date
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  6. Purchase Order / Customer Reference Number
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  1. Ship to Address
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  2. Bill to Address (If different from Ship to Address)
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  3. Return Shipping Method
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  1. Please enter the numbers below...
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  3. Return Shipping Instructions:

    If your unit/s need to be returned to the factory for maintenance and/or repair, please follow the below instructions. Please be advised that out of warranty repairs will be charged a flat rate fee and all transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.
    The following documentation must accompany a unit being returned for repair:
  4. A copy of our Return Authorization Form
  5. Your Purchase Order
  6. A FOREIGN SHIPPERS DECLARATION (International shipments only)
  7. Commercial Invoice (International ONLY)
  8. The following documentation is optional but will assist with your repair:
    • Any failure or performance reports
    • Detailed information regarding failure, including circumstances and variables
    • Any other information you feel is relevant to the repair of your unit
    Ship your unit to:
    Avionic Instruments LLC
    Attn: Repair Department
    1414 Randolph Avenue
    Avenel, NJ 07001
    Consign to: Avionic Instruments LLC
    Care of: Mallory Alexander Intl Logistics (NY) LLC
    777 Sunrise Highway, Suite 310
    Lynbrook, New York 11563
    Tel: 516-371-1700

    For International Customers:

    Please be advised that all material should be returned with a commercial invoice, which indicates the value of unit/s being return, and the country of origin as USA (United States of America).  Failure to comply with this request will result in our refusal to accept and evaluate/repair your unit and may result in your company being assessed with charges for duty and taxes. Our priority is to minimize problems and disruption that may cause inconvenience to our customers and your cooperation is appreciated.

    **Any and all reimbursements for contractually obligated return shipping costs may be refused for payment if these return instructions are not followed in their entirety.**

    **All incoming paperwork must be marked "American goods being returned for repair". **

    Please send an email to repair@avionicinstruments.com or call (732) 388-3500 ext. 1039.